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September 7, 2017 News

Sputtering Components releases new, smaller Swing Cathode™

Sputtering Components’ popular Swing Cathode™ is now available in a compact design. The smaller footprint allows for more flexibly in vacuum chamber design and for more cathodes in a system. 

“Our market research shows a solid demand for this product,” said Chaffee Tran, New Business Development Manager at SCI. “It complements our two larger Swing Cathodes™ and SCI’s rotary cathode product line as a whole.”

Used with cylindrical targets and static substrates, Swing Cathodes™ have a magnetron with a programmable swing motion. The magnetron rotates from side to side independently of the target rotation, making Swing Cathodes™ ideal for 3D part coating. 

Designed for up to 20 kW DC and 80 kHz MFAC power, the CM Swing Cathode™ has a cantilever capability to support 80-mm-ID targets as long as 1 m and 125-mm-ID targets up to 0.65 m. Non-proprietary targets can be used, allowing more sourcing choices.

Similar to its big brothers, the SM Swing Cathode™ and the MM Swing Cathode™, the new CM Swing Cathode™ uses an end block that mounts on the vacuum chamber exterior. All utilities remain attached for a quick and easy target changeover.

The CM Swing Cathode™ also has SCI’s patented brushless power delivery system and patented water fill/drain feature. The brushless design eliminates brush dust and the need to replace brushes while the fill/drain feature further decreases the time required to change targets.

Like all SCI end blocks, the CM Swing Cathode™ has long-life rotary seals. It is designed for quick and easy in-house maintenance; it never has to be sent back to the factory for overhaul or repair.

For use with Swing Cathodes™, SCI’s Swing-DUOTM (Dynamic Uniformity Optimization) software simulates and optimizes the motion profile used to control SCI magnet bar movement.

For more information about how the CM Swing Cathode™ can improve your 3D part coating process, see the CM Swing Cathode™ datasheet or contact us today. 

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